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Dahlias and jobs to do now.

Hello everyone.

Dahlias are just coming into their prime flowering time. Especially now they have had some good rain and the weather has cooled.

I’m seeing more blooms on my plants whereas before it was 99% leaves and stems.

So now is the time to dead head to increase formation of new blooms.

If you haven’t yet, stake the taller plants as blooms will make them top heavy. Tie them to the stakes with wide fabric, not string as this can cut into the stems.

Resist watering them as we have have had good rain. Unless in a pot or a really hot location they won’t need watering unless you still haven’t had rain.

I’ll have a lot of identified varieties and colours available as winter hits and the Dahlias go into their dormancy.

Send me some pictures of your beauties!!

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