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Incredible edibles

The Tranquil Garden is now offering an eatable bundle including Perennial leeks, Turmeric, Arrowroot and garlic chives.

Perennial leeks grow babies around the leek you harvest to eat, then you simply replant the bublets and they grow the same way. The leeks can be used like traditional leeks , so stir fry, add to soup, have with eggs and garlic ( yum). I sell and trade these with lovely locals.

Turmeric is easy to grow and it bulks up under the soil during the growing season ( it goes dormant generally over winter, a shorter season in Alpine areas and longer in more Tropical means quicker and bigger harvests). Here Turmeric grows well. A friend has created her own Turmeric powder from the older Rhizomes.

Arrowroot grows well during the warm months and can be cut back when it goes semi dormant to fully dormant. The young bulbs are great for baking like a potato, can be used to thicken soups and a local friend has used Arrowroot in making her beauty products. The whole plant can be fed to cows, my girls love them. Then they also make a good screen for summer sun, great for chicken shade.

Garlic chives are a gorgeous border plant with pretty purple flowers that are edible and also garlicky, simply yummy added to a salad.

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