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Plants that cope with higher rainfall

Hello everyone,

Again its been a while since I have written anything here.

I hope you are all keeping well and happy through this very rainy time on the East coast of Australia. If its not rainy where you are I’m happy to send some your way.

I thought it was a good time to talk about plants that cope with a lot of water and thrive with it.

I would like to begin with Rain lilies, also known as Autumn crocus or Zephyr lilies. These plants cope very well with high rainfall, such as on the edge of a pond or dam. Conversely they also cope with drought well so are quite adaptable plants. Positioning in a shady afternoon area will optimize their moisture retention.
They are called rain lilies due to the flowers magically appearing after rain especially in late Summer and Autumn.
Here at The Tranquil Garden Nursery I grow a few varieties. Most common are the white rain lily, then the Pink which I have less of, then there are Primula a lovely pinky yellow , Nymphae a light yellow, Citrine a bright yellow and La Bufa rosa a scented variety of pink. These last two I have even less of so will be very limited offerings.

Another lily often called a rain lily is The Habranthus which has much larger pinky white blooms which also like the wet conditions.

Scarborough lilies ( pictured) cope well in higher rainfall in good draining soil. The blooms are a welcome sight in my garden.

They cope with low light and will flower in medium shade, this suits them in areas with light to medium frost ( up here at 6oom they flower, whereas in Canberra they needed to be more protected during winter with full cover).

I bought my first tiny wee bulblet on the NSW South Coast about 15 years ago when I lived in the ACT.
Scarborough lilies cope well with higher rainfall in free draining soil.

Protect them from full sun and afternoon sun.

Nerines flower without leaves like Pink ladies and come in red and pink, the yellow blooms used to be called Nerines too but are now called Lycoris ” Aurea gold”.

Like the other plants here they cope with higher rainfall in free draining soil and are lovely garden colour when a lot of other plants are flowering less vigorously.

I have just listed Scarborough lilies and young pink Nerines.

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