Dazzling Dahlia tubers, limited amount. Beautiful mixed selection of 4-6 tubers and small clumps


Dazzling Dahlia tubers


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This is a mix of 4-6 tubers and small clumps. There is a Huge range of different varieties in each mix that I send.


Mix may also include  Cactus, decorative and Waterlily style Dahlias while stocks last.

When you receive your Dahlia tubers please store in a dry and cool  position out of direct sunlight. I store vast quantities of Dahlia tubers in chaff bags full of  fully dried Autumnal leaves collected from my Oak, pear and Persimmon trees. I dig up my tubers every year so I can divide tuber clumps up, also as insurance in case of loads of rain in areas of high clay content in soil.

I have used soil, grass clippings and these are good but not as good as dried autumn leaves.

Dahlias are ready to plant when they begin sprouting, ones left in the ground will sprout earlier than dug up tubers. This is usually in mid to late spring.Plant in free draining soil enriched with cow manure that has been allowed to sit for a couple of months preferably.  Plant in a position away from afternoon sun and strong winds if possible. So where they will receive morning and midday sun. plant so top of tubers sits just below soil surface.

Ground preparation includes making sure soil is free draining ( clay based soil can be a problem if a lot of rain happens), dig a nice amount of rotted cow manure and / or compost that is well broken down. You can build a garden bed from scratch with newspaper over well mown grass, then build up soil over top ( test all new delivered soil as it can be too high alkaline or acid as I have found, then you can remedy it with manure or acid reducing additives. If you do all this in the months prior to planting your Dahlias will thank you with bountiful blooms.

Then Dahlias planted will vigorously grow until flowering can begin from mid October onwards until late April or Early May when the cold and frost of Winter send them back to sleep.

A tip is dry Dahlia stems, make amazing kindling due to the hollow stems.

Resist watering your Dahlia tubers, my friend Lanie tells me she never waters hers, even during 2019’s drought they were unwatered. If they dry out badly they may be in too sunny a location, I do water potted Dahlias but infrequently. Dahlias will still flower in part shade , even under shade cloth.

Another tip is email me via the contact submission form on contact page if you want to be notified when Dahlias are ready for sale just before I make them available here.


Taller varieties may need staking.


This listing is for 350-500g. This can be sent Australia wide (excluding NT, Western Australia and Tasmania due to Quarantine restrictions)

Please contact me if you have any questions.


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Weight .600 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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