3 Wonderful White Winter Rose plants. Easy to grow. Express post only


 3 Winter Roses, Helleborus x hybridus white flowering plants


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These lovely plants flower during Winter through Spring and really brighten up an otherwise less colorful garden.

Unlike normal roses they don’t have thorns but they do need some special conditions.

Winter roses love the sun in winter, and  the shade in summer, so they grow very well in those often difficult to fill, partly shaded areas of the garden, and beneath the shade of deciduous trees and shrubs such as Oak trees. Under an Oak tree is where my Hellebore’s grow very happily.

Winter Roses grow best throughout Victoria, Tasmania, and the cooler often elevated regions of NSW, Qld, WA and SA. They grow just about anywhere as long as there isn’t too much moisture in the air, and cope really well with frost. Flowering will happen in the more ideal conditions.

They will perform their best in rich fertile soil with lots of well rotted manure and compost that has aged for months and months. I add chicken, duck and cow manure to my compost that breaks down over many months with a lot of grass clippings, old mulch bedding etc. This is then added to garden after it has broken down to a soil like material.

These will be sent via express post .

At the moment due to delayed postage I would recommend that Victorian buyers organise a NSW friends address to send these plants to if possible please, I want your plants to arrive in the best possible condition. I’m happy to do all I can to achieve this.

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