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Winter at The Tranquil Garden Nursery

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a busy few weeks digging Dahlias, helping some friends as well as my own. I’m now finishing up digging the remaining couple of Dahlia beds and sorting dahlias ready for colour mixes.

I’m preparing new areas for Dahlia planting in late September this year. I always plan to be organized and it seems I do get a bit better this year. Extra labeling of Dahlias worked well other than the strip where Magpies decided it was fun to pull them out to see if they tasted yummy.

My preparations include getting a load of newspaper and cardboard together, a delivery of plain organic soil coming later this week. I decided not to use a rich mix like I got a few years ago as it was highly alkaline and needed to age a lot and add a load of cow manure, not just a little bit either.

So a new bed in my yard will have added cow manure into the soil. If soil is very dry I will wet the bed down prior to planting a bit but not after planting and I don’t water my Dahlias unless they are in pots and then infrequently. Last year during the drought I didn’t water them at all.

So for now most of the dug up Dahlia tubers are snuggled up in autumn leaves or wood shavings or in the pots they grew in also under cover. Storage area needs to be dry and out of sun, but well aired as well.

I’ve just listed Pretty in Pink Dahlia mix for sale via my Website,its in limited amounts. There will be more listed over coming weeks such as Whimsical White, Racy Red, Powerful Purple.

If you would like to know of newly listed mixes and lots of other happenings please add your name and email to the link below.

Keep warm, well and safe

Kara Woodward

1 thought on “Winter at The Tranquil Garden Nursery

  1. I FIRST CAME ACROSS The Tranquil Garden Nursery by Face Book
    I put in a order, I found Kara very helpful and my order turned up within a week of ordering.
    I then sent her a message to ask when I should plant and again received my answer within the hour.
    I am looking forward to her updates on what plants are for sale … I am always on the lookout for something different for my garden … So pleased I found this nursery

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